In 2021 feel

Join a 5-day challenge
to implement small and healthy habits in your busy life.

15-19 Feb 2021

👉 Mindset & Mobility: A challenge that will kickstart your year and help you invest time and energy for things that matters in your life.

> Are you struggling to keep new year resolutions?

> Do you feel easily distracted and want to improve your focus and discipline?

> Do you find it difficult to practice on your own?

"People don't decide their future, people decide their habits, and then their habits decide their future" - F.M Alexander

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel calm, grounded and energised more often.
  • Follow through your resolutions, and transform them into long-lasting habits.
  • Find freedom in your body and move with ease
  • Connect with a like-minded tribe which will make you accountable

During the 5 day challenge:

  • Experience small and proven actions:

  • DAY 1 : - ☀️Action 1: Early rise and no-technology time

- 🧘Live evening mobility focus on the spine, posture
> Connect with your true self

  • DAY 2: - 🤸‍♂️Evening yoga class

- 📝Action 2: Live evening self-reflection journaling + mobility session

> Reprogram your mind by overcoming limiting beliefs

  • DAY 3: - ☀️Action 3: Live morning meditation

- 🤸‍♂️Live evening mobility focusing on the hips

> Find calmness and inner peace in focusing on doing one thing at a time

  • DAY 4: - 💧Action 4: Cold shower challenge

- Live evening strength practice for core

> Test yourself by doing something uncomfortable

  • DAY 5: - 📖Action 5: Recap of the week, put into practice

- Live evening group session

> Connect and share your experience with the tribe


I am Marc Tran, founder of Martial Yoga. I practice, study and teach yoga and martial arts.
My mission is to empower people to grow into their potential using mindset, mobility and skills.

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